Entries are now closed for our 27th April exhibition.

If you’d like to have your vehicle considered for the next SIX ONE event, you’re welcome to go through the below submission process.



SIX ONE is open to all vehicles that have been built and customised in Australia. The exhibition is all about skill, passion and creativity rather than style, model or era.

Would you like to see your vehicle displayed at the 2019 SIX ONE exhibition? Simply complete the 2 step submission process below to have your project considered for inclusion.

Step 1 - Builder and vehicle details

Please complete all of the form fields below before clicking the submit button. Tell us about your project, who built it and what makes it special.

Name *
Category *

Step 2 - Upload images

Here is where you can provide us with 1 or 2 clear photographs of your vehicle. Please rename the files to be ‘yourname.jpg’ (e.g. johnsmith.jpg) before uploading them so we can easily link them to your submission.

When you click the ‘upload images’ button it will open a new window where you can complete the upload process.

Please Note: We are receiving a lot of submissions. If you do not hear back from us this means your vehicle has not be chosen. Our goal is to make selections that contribute towards a diverse mix of styles of vehicles. If your vehicle is not selected, we hope you will still come along on the day to see the exhibition.